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Our Mission 

Mission Description:

Downsizing one's household later in life makes ecident the meanings embedded in the people, places and objects associated with a home. Drawing on data from interviews conducted with adults age 65+ in New Enlgand, this enables us to critically examine the experience of downsizing and the role of objects in sustaining continuity and the meaning in late.

Our Objectives:

1. Describe why downsizing in late life has significant emotional or psychological           impact.

2. Recognize and list the most common reasons why older adults downsize.

3. Explain why a narrative approach to "downsizing stories" is a valuable research,     methodology.

4. Identify ways to improve their occupational therapy skills, including the use of         objects and the older patients and clients.

**To put it simply we are here to assist adults of all ages within their emotional           time of downsizing of their homes whatever their reasons may be.**